Testicular Cancer Research

The teams of intrepid explorers assemble in to share in a life-changing journey of self-discovery and meaning as they confront the unknown.

BioQuant is inviting collaborations with philanthropists, disruptive innovators and the decentralized finance community to invest in biomedical research programs targeted at providing men with the knowledge needed to reduce their risk of developing testicular cancer.

Challenge. The biochemical, cellular and genetic factors contributing to the initiation of testicular cancer has not been fully characterized. A variety of factors contribute to this lack of understanding.

  • First, is the recognition that men are disposable and their needs are subordinate to those of society at large. Human history is replete with examples of the disposability of men. From the earliest records of wars and conflict, men are the primary targets of aggression and their death is a certainty.
  • Second, is a set of behaviors that reduce men’s willingness to acknowledge vulnerability and prioritize self-care.
  • Third, the absence of a long-term investment strategy into research and health communication programs that addresses the full scope of men’s health. What’s needed is a holistic framework that integrates reproductive health and psychospiritual wellness into a dynamic masculine architecture that addresses the needs of all men.

Problem Scoping. The problem is multifaceted and will require an understanding of the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors contributing to the development of benign and metastatic disease.